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My name is Lina. I’m a 27year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden.
I’m married to my man Henrik and together we have a Wonderfull house, 2 cozy cats, 2 amazing chihuahuas, my beautiful horse, a lot of cars and beautiful friends!

This is my blog where you can follow mer trough my days at the stable, at work and at home. I share my ideas, my life and how I deal with all my animals, friends, work and having a busy life without falling apart. Last year I broke into pieces because of my work and so many things going on. This sight is for me, to prove to my self that I am good enugh and hopefully spread the words to others and make them see that they are not alone and to put a smile on someoneleses face. I hope you will enjoy it!

For more of me you can always watch my Instagram and my team instagarm account that includes good vibes, equestrians and horse humor.

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For partnership, questions, adds and more you reach me by email:

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